You are the hero of your own life journey. It’s time to make that journey EPIC.


If you’ve ever thought that you could be better, do more, or reach a new level of success in your life, you’ve probably realized pretty quick that it is a lot easier said than done. The truth is that we all need support, motivation, and guidance to make those big goals possible. When you realize this, you start to understand why life coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Did you know that coaching is now a 1.5 billion dollar a year industry? Or that coaching has been growing between 10 and 20 percent in size for years? The reason for this growth is simple, it works. But there is more to it. It has always worked, so why would there be such a demand for life coaching now? It’s all tied into a shift in our culture.

Today we aren’t looking just for money or power, but to better ourselves. We want personal transformation. A great example of this shift is the recent academy award winning movie entitled, “The King’s Speech”. For some reason this film with no action, no sex, no big plot, nothing – wins 4 awards. When you look at the film, only one thing stands out – the story.The movie depicts the transformation of a British prince who sought a coach to help him. It is clear that our culture is crying out for change, but in many cases people don’t know where to turn.The reason that so many people found a coach to be so effective is because it is a different kind of help.

Life coaching, unlike counseling, doesn’t try and fix a problem – it creates solutions. In fact, it is typically those that are seeking greater success – not in the mist of failure – who seek a coach. When you realize that you can accomplish so much more, why wouldn’t you want a coach to help you become a champion?

Another factor that has influence this culture shift is the internet. Since it originated in the mid 80’s, it has grown into the single largest source of information in the world. Social sites like Facebook, twitter, and MySpace are being visiting millions of times daily. We are connecting globally as easily as we would with our physical neighbors. This has opened the door to a greater level of self-awareness in our society. We all feel like there is something more we can accomplish and now we have a lot of resources to work with. In many ways, people have begun coaching themselves and their peers using these resources. The result is an entire culture that looks to coaching to help them move through life. This is vastly different than the world many of us grew up in.

With all this new interest in coaching, I get a lot of questions about what makes a good life coach. People want to know that the services they enlist are actually going to help. Great life coaches usually have a few of the same things in common:

  • They are great communicators: Great coaches will always be excellent communicators. It takes a good listener and a better teacher to be a great coach.
  • They get results: The best life coaches will always have a track record behind them to show that their coaching works.
  • They understand the importance of values and principles: Excellent life coaches know that values and principles are the heart of yourself and shape who you are.
  • They are in your corner: An excellent life coach doesn’t just help guide, but is in your corner every step of the way. This support can be vital to your success as you unlock your true potential.

Coaching is an investment in you. It is designed to help you discover what matters the most to you and then help you on your path towards achieving your goals. When you are able to build your strengths, make some relevant changes, and get help from someone when you need it your chances for the greatest success improve dramatically.

Humanity today is starving to be transformed. We want, more than ever, to become better people. This is where coaching comes in. A coach is like a Sherpa on the road to personal growth. They guide, teach, and support those who choose to walk down the path of persona

Life coaching is also about teaching abundant living. What’s abundant living you ask? Well, it means knowing that you have what you need today and will have what you need tomorrow. When you understand that you can accomplish your goals, the task becomes doable. When you realize that you can live in abundance – anything is possible.

A coach also helps you by providing an outside viewpoint. This allows you to:

– Get an objective look at your situation.
– See how others see you.
– See the grand possibilities in your future.

Everyone can benefit from a Sydney Life Coach. Whether you are currently suffering though a struggle in life or simply know that you are meant for more in life, your coach can provide you with the self assurance, support, certainty, confidence, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration that you need to succeed.

At Abundance Coaching, our mandate extends well beyond simply helping you succeed. We believe that when we can help you truly understand what is important to you. The result is personal breakthrough. The way we do this is by understanding your true core values and principles.
And, what are core values and principles?

Well, they are the heart of who you are. When you strip away everything else, what do you really want? The answer is what truly matters to you. By understanding what that is you unlock a flood of inspiration. Your true goals and dreams are revealed and they align perfectly with what you want in life. This harmony between your core values and your goals is the key to giving you motivation like you’ve never had.

Just like you, Abundance Coaching has core values as well. They are P.E.O.P.L.E.

Passion: This is the essence of having abundance in life! We coach you to experience more passion as you soar to reach your greatest dreams and goals.

Encouragement: Encouragement is building trust, affirming, supporting, and basically cheering you on. Through encouragement we help you champion yourself to victory.

Optimism: Overcoming turmoil often has a lot more to do with your outlook than the actual situation. When you can respond with optimism the best path is clear.

Positivity: Being positive is essential to personal breakthrough. When you tap into your positivity, you will improve your well being, enjoyment, and success in life.

Leadership: People need to have courage, vision, and strong character to make life changes. We will help you understand and refine your leadership skills.

Empowerment: By empowering you through coaching, you will gain the strength you need to take control of your life.

So, who am I?

As a Saskatoon Life Coach, most of my workshops and retreats are done in the city of Saskatoon or in Saskatchewan. I can,however, be hired to speak at your event or business in Canada or the United States. I am a long standing member of Toastmasters International and have delivered dozens of speeches at as well as competed in local and provincial contests. I’ve also given talks with church groups including men’s retreats, youth, college and career.

Many people ask, is coaching right for me? The truth is that coaching can be great for anyone who is ready to discover their core values and take action to achieve their goals. If you want to make a change in your life – any change at all – life coaching can really, really help.

Does this sound like you?If so, you can call or go online to book a free coaching session and find out if coaching is really right for you!

Scott is a Certified Professional Coach and the President of Abundance Coaching. You will move from having a great live to having a life filled with Greatness! Scott’s passion is to help people discover what they value the most and live it. He has a fun, enlightening and unique program which includes games and personal coaching around your Core Values, vision and passion.

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